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1) Polysulfone Dialysers

FIBRON hollow fiber membranes ensure the most efficient removal of uremic toxins in low- and medium-molecular ranges and thus guarantee the highest patient compatibility. The unique pore structure of the membranes as well as the excellent hemo-compatibility provide a highly sufficient removal performance making the dialysis process as comfortable as possible for the patient suffering from kidney disease. Polysulfone membranes which can be used for low and high flux dialysers  have a life span of up to three years within a dialyser.






2) Polyethersulfone Dialysers

Characteristics of Polyethersulfone Dialysers

Incorporating PUREMA, unique and worldwide known fibers


- Excellent Biocompatible Polymer

  •     Ensures less dialysis complications


- Three Layers Asymmetric Structures

  •      Separation, support and control layer
  •      Thinnest wall available for synthetic membranes 9 30 um)


Unique process technology influence separation profile of membrane formation

  • Thicker separation
  • Sharpened sieving profile (S.E.T)
  • Optimized dialysate side distribution
  • Higher mechanical strength resulting in
  • Low albumin loss
  • High middle molecule removal
  • Maximum low molecular clearance

P.E.T.: Performance Enhancing Technology

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) spacer yarns consist of multifilament threads integrated into the fiber bundles

Improves dialysate distribution throughout the dialyzer

  • Increases clearance values
  • Maintains consistent performance Throughout the entire treatment  from dialyser to dialyser


S.E.T.:Active surface management PUREMA blood side surface

S.E.T stands for sieving Enhancing Technology


-Unique patented process technology

  • Thicker separation layer
  • Unchanged ultrafiltration
  • More uniform pore distribution
  • Active surface management

-Steeper sieving curve

-More selective removal






3) Pediatric Dialysis Filters


Dialysis Filters used to extracorporeal renal replacement therapy for neonates, infants and children.


a) BLS 808 Sterile

b) BLS 805 Dialyser Diapes ETO



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