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Blood Bag  

















Components for Blood Bags


1) PVC film for Blood bags


These are widely used for critical pharmaceutical applications and medical devices, including blood bag systems, IV and nutrition solution bags, dialysis systems, cell culture and bioprocess applications.



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2) Y connectors for Blood Bags


Y connectors allow transfer of blood components.



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3)  Labels for Blood Bags


Medical paper used in labeling blood bags.



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Sodium Bicarbonate Powder Cartridge for Hemodialysis (BIDRY)


The Bidry cartridges contain powdered bicarbonate which the dialysis machine automatically dissolves with hemodialysis-standard purified water to produce a basic concentrated solution. This concentrate can then be used in the formation of the dialysis fluid to perform bicarbonate dialysis treatments. The dialysis fluid restores acid-base balance in the patient by passing solutes to and from the blood through the dialyzer membrane.






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